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A Dollar Can't Kiss You Back!

It is time to start filing the Music Tab of this Blog! I have decided the debut song will be....wait for it - A song published in 1949, Louis Prima's Enjoy Yourself. For you younger Members of this Blog don't click out! This song is a fun song with relevance that will outlast time. The song is a cautionary tale about a gentleman who passes away and during his lifetime made excuses and never enjoyed himself. Mr Prima's song stresses the need to "enjoy yourself while you are still in the "pink"". Slow down and have fun with life. Although money certainly can make life easier, life is not all about money. Take a trip, do silly things, dance, sing!, eat good food. Because as Mr Prima astutely stated "A Dollar Can't Kiss You Back". But Life can if you seize the opportunities. Above I have posted the song that is accompanied by some creative artwork, which is pretty fun too. Just hit the play button to give a listen. Happiness and Aventure Perkees!

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1 Comment

Oct 23, 2019

Enjoy every moment, every second ... this catchy song has a lot of truth

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