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A Farewell Song Between "Buds"

The Bond of Two "Buds"
The Bond of Two "Buds"

I heard this song recently and it hit me right in the musical heartstrings. It was recorded in 2011 by Rihanna and is called Farewell. From what I gather doing research, the song was meant to be between lovers, however it truly can be more universal. If you have ever had to say Farewell to anyone of importance, this song will resonate with you. She starts out by recognizing that the special person who is leaving is going to "Make a better life" for themselves and she must say Farewell. It is so hard to say Farewell to someone who you have created a special bond with. Some people are just like that. You get each other. Few people appreciate your quirky ways or better yet, are quirky like you. Maybe you share the same interest and opinions and you value your time and conversations because you get each other. Knowing that this time together is coming to an end can be a true heartbreak. But sometimes we must "Try to hold it all in, the tears and sadness and be a Big Girl". Well, I am not good at that, but I try. I can only choke the tears down for so long, until they bubble up. Maybe you are like that too, or maybe you can be stronger because you know that the other person needs that. If that is your strength, I admire you and your ability to dig deep. We never want to discourage those we love to follow their path, yet we don't want to be forgotten. The lyrics say that she would be "sadder if her special person did not hit the road" because she knows her person needs this change to continue to grow and find the happiness they desire and deserve. Maybe they need a fresh start or just wish to go after a dream that they have always had and have finally found their yellow brick road to the land of dreams where their wishes can come true. You know that they can call you and you can tell them all the "stories about a land far away". The land that you share so many precious memories. Where you created a bond that can never be broken, not with time nor distance, like the bond between the "Buds" in the photo. You are kindred spirits. So with your final Farewell to the way things are, it is these times you want to express that even though you are excited and full of encouragement for their new adventure.."Somebody's gonna miss you" and "Somebody's gonna wish that you were here, that somebody is Me.." So if you have someone in your life who you consider a Treasure, make sure to honor your time together because life is ever changing and so are our relationships with others. Their blessings in your life will never go away and they will be carried in your heart forever. New people will come into your life and with an open heart, another magical Friendship can begin. Farewell My Friend. Somebody is Going To Miss You💕. Give this song a listen, here is the link

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