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A Green Wool Coat

Have you ever admired something and then it was gifted to you? That is the story behind this Green Wool Service Coat. A while ago, while browsing at the once Fairhaven Treasures, I was drawn to this Wool Coat that was hanging in one of the upstairs rooms. It had history, you could just tell. Here is the Coat's story and the Veteran who wrapped himself in it, in duty to His Country - The United States of America. The Gentleman who wore this Coat was a Corporal in the Marine Corps. He was an infantry man. A weapons expert. A M-60 machine gun was his main weapon. He served two tours in Vietnam during 1964-1966, with a 30 day leave home in between. His time in Vietnam found him often in the jungle and in combat. Like most Veterans of the day, his wife says she does not know much of his time in combat. Those that serve during War-time keep their stories close to their hearts and those stories will further shape their minds for the rest of their lives. So imagine my surprise when his wife came to me one day and said her husband asked her to gift it to me. Yep, goosebumps and tear in the eye. What struck me is when I put this heavy Green Wool Coat on with it's green buttons adorned with the Marine Seal of the Eagle, The World and The Anchor, it was quite heavy and yet small. It nearly fit like a glove and I am only 5'2 and 125 pounds. It was profound because it makes one realize how young those that serve our country often are. The person that wore this in his youth must have been of small stature as many young soldiers are. This Coat gave comfort to a Soldier when he needed comfort. Nobody truly knows the story behind the Soldier who wears the Coat. Only the Soldier knows. He honored me with this because I gave his dog a home when he could no longer care for him and he knew I had admired the coat. I do not know this Gentleman personally, but was told he was so grateful we took his dog and gave him love. Well if he reads this, I hope he knows how grateful America is that he stood strong for us. Without Veterans like him America would not be "The Land Of The Free". Never take for granted our Armed Forces. Without their courage, sacrifice and determination we would have no National Security. November 11th is an American National Holiday that celebrates all Our Military Veterans who serve with honor for our protection. Most people have someone in their family who has served in the military. How inspiring to think a person would put aside their own safety and freedoms for honor and duty to the American People. Because if you think about it, while a Soldier serves they are at the mercy of the American People. Their civilian freedoms are put aside to protect your freedoms. Never forget that or take that for granted. Thank you to all Veterans and their Families who sacrifice, this November 11th and Always.

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Honoring My Grandpa
Honoring My Grandpa


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