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A Laughing Matter

Fin the Comedian
Fin the Comedian

Funny Joke. That is how my conversation started with Fin, My Cat. Her jaw was agape with laughter. Can't recall what the joke was, but knowing Fin it was all about trouble, because trouble is her middle name. She makes me laugh alot with her silly ways. With all the uncertainty in the world lately, it put me to thinking about what it is that can put me at ease quicker than anything else. You know what it is? A great big belly full of laughter. Laughter is a funny thing. Get it a funny thing...hahaha, sometimes I am my own best audience. I can find all kinds of things to laugh at and when all else fails I just laugh at myself. I figure there are different kinds of laughter. When many of us were young we could get on a fit of laughter for no reason at all. Maybe your Brother was making faces at the dinner table. Your Parents were annoyed and wanted you to "knock it off" but you just couldn't. Loved those laughing fits. It was like a secret club for you and whoever provoked it. How about the nervous laughter brought on by embarrassment, like when you miss a step going up stairs and tinkle a little on your way down. Yep I seen that happen once. I personally am really famous for the inappropriate laughter, that is my all time favorite. Like when my Friend's dog flew through the air with the greatest of ease and bit my Hubby on the butt. He was sore, but I laughed all night. I had to have a conversation with myself to impress upon the fact that it was not funny. What about the laugh or cry laugh. That has come in handy alot. When we had our house fire I fell back on laughter like a crutch. No matter what you are struggling with always find a way to turn to laughter. It truly is the best medicine (Rx). Maybe it is a TV show like The Golden Girls. That Blanche always cracks me up. The great thing about laughter is that you can write and fill your prescription for free. Laughter is a great anxiety release and sometimes we all really just need a good belly laugh to get the blood pumping and clear our heads. Laughter releases all those good hormones that help keep our immune systems strong. I challenge everyone to think about laughter as your oxygen mask. When you are struggling release it from the "overhead" compartment. Then take whatever is on your mind and find the laughter in it, even if it is not appropriate..that is OK. I know that many things are not a joke, but allow yourself to be happy and take back your joy. Most challenges pass with time so don't get bogged down with the uncertainty. Laughter is contagious so spread it around. Everything does not have to be so serious, unless it is seriously funny! Life is so much better when you are laughing :) Back to Fin, I remember her joke now - Q. Why do Cats make terrible storytellers? A. They only have one tail!

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