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A White Bailey Hat

The White Hat

Nice looking Hat don't you think! When I look at it I see a few things. Olivia Pope because she wore the "White Hat" in the series Scandal, Sissy from my favorite all time movie Urban Cowboy, and most importantly Frances Clark my Grandma because she gifted it to me. This one little Hat has truly impacted me. I was around 20 when I really started to love Country Music. I was not raised on it, but rather was drawn to it as a young adult at our local "Honkytonks". So imagine my delight when I received this beautiful Bailey's Box from my Grandma upon her return from a trip to the Southwest. It was especially a surprise because Grandma did not buy gifts like that and we never expected them either. She showered us with kisses, oranges and snicker bars instead. But something about that Hat spoke to her in her travels and she knew she had to buy it for me. Perhaps she knew it would provide inspiration for many things. In Scandal Olivia Pope wore the White Hat because her character represented what the White Hat stood for which is Goodness and being the Good Gal. It dates back to old Westerns where the Good Guy always wore the White Hat. Perhaps Grandma thought I was deserving of the White Hat..I would like to think so. Because you see I never asked for a White Hat, it was selected for me, by someone who knew me since the day I was born. On the flip side, Sissy wore the White Hat to her wedding and she was anything but Good. She was very sassy, very independent, liked beer and dancing. Come to think of it, so did Grandma! The fact that Grandma gave me the Hat and Sissy wore it in her wedding was enough to inspire me to wear the White Hat to my own wedding. It was a party that both Sissy and Grandma could be proud of. When I put the White Hat on it made me feel special in my younger days, now I realize how big it is! A real statement piece. When I place it on my head it makes me smile real big like Grandma used to and I ask my Husband "do I look pretty?" I can not tell you how many times Grandma smiled at me with all her teeth and asked me "do I look pretty". True vanity passed down through the generations. Unfortunately the White Hat did not fare well at the wedding party and sat in the box for almost 28 years all stained with evidence of an epic celebration from 1991. My Husband recently cleaned it for me. He painstakingly did it with a tiny toothbrush and cleaner. It hangs on a hat hook in my bedroom and the first thing I see when I open my eyes each morning is the White Hat. It reminds me before my feet hit the floor each day to find a happy mixture in life of both goodness and sassiness. I am waiting for a perfect day to place the White Hat atop my head and re-introduce it to the world with confidence knowing that I can live up to it's goodness and look good.. all while making Grandma proud.

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Unboxed 28 Years After ..


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