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Bravery Brings Beauty

Beartooth Pass

For years the thought of traveling over the Beartooth Pass in MT/WY made me a bit nauseous. Known as one of the nations most beautiful highways. Why you might wonder....Acrophobia. That would be the Irrational fear of heights. Emphasis on the word Irrational. Like most fears they are created in our heads and are very real. However, if you can be brave enough to push past your fears it can open up much possibilities to explore. I was convinced by Family, at a weak moment, to take the ride over The Pass. So in the car I went with a little George Straight on my earbuds to help me though the winding and inclining roads. I admit during the road travels I may have kept my eyes closed, but at each viewing point so thankful for the beauty the landscape provided. At the very top of the pass the sign read "10,947 Elevation Summit". An awesome feat of bravery for this Acrophobic. Not only did this adventure take me over the mountain, but in order to get back to our Inn we needed to travel back over it again. I am not saying the fear is gone, as determined by Our next drive up a very steep dirt mountain road to a waterfall that left me needing a paper bag to breathe in. But baby steps. Anyway, if at all possible dig deep and try not to let fear deter you from life's great adventure. Each day is a gift so go unwrap it! Happiness and Adventure Perkees!

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