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Happy Birthday America!

Old Glory Flying High
Old Glory Flying High

*Special Early Release! It is 4th of July Weekend 2020 and Happy Birthday America! The Declaration of Independence was adopted by Congress in 1776. Massachusetts was the first state to recognize July 4th as an official holiday. It was not until 1870 that the Federal Government declared July 4th a federal holiday. So Our Nation is 244 years young. Why do I say young? Because if you trust Google, and I do, England is 1,091 yrs old, Russia is 1,156 yrs old, China is over 3,000+ yrs old and Mexico is 13,000 yrs old. WOW. By global standards America is still just a Babe in the Woods. Like most Babes we are curious, learning, growing and ambitious. We are not too set in our ways and are always evolving. American's are charitable and tolerant of others, which makes Our Country a perfect "kitchen" to create a delicious melting pot of cultures. Since we are Babes, we experience growth spurts and growth pains. I would say we are having one now. Back in 1776 citizens held mock funerals of King George The III to symbolize the end of the Monarchy as a way to celebrate America's independence. Even over two centuries ago people acted badly, so I am sure there is hope for us all today. Rest assured that with time we will become taller and stronger as a Nation after this growth spurt. The picture I took above was taken in Red Lodge MT last year at the July 4th Rodeo. There is something about a Rodeo that always makes me feel like a Patriot. It's steeped in traditions of God and Country and the displays of Patriotism are always seen during the opening ceremonies and heard through the words of the Rodeo Announcer. He speaks about America's rich history. He gives credence to having strong faith. When they sing the National Anthem, everyone stands and honors the Flag. Which as an American I feel in my heart is giving The Flag the respect it deserves. It symbolizes our Freedom to make choices and those that protect those Freedoms. When I see Old Glory flying with her colors of hardiness, purity & innocence, vigilance & perseverance & justice, it makes me proud. I appreciate the evolution that Our Nation has gone through these 244 years and continues to go through in the name of Freedom. When was the last time you read about your Freedoms, The Bill of Rights? #10 states that if it is not in the Constitution then the rights go to the states and the people. That is why it is so important to let your voice be heard with your vote. So this 4th of July while you are eating your hot dogs and potato salad, watching fireworks and waving your flags, keep in mind how far America has come. We are a hardy bunch and with the vigilance & perseverance only Freedom can provide, will we grow older and wiser together. Because we are all in this Nation together. God Bless America as we write another chapter. And never lose sight of past chapters.

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