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Inspirational Cross

Large Cross Necklace

I was at, of all things, a Halloween Gathering last weekend and My Cousin was wearing this necklace. Not as a Halloween accessory, but I believe it was meant to bring strength and hope and peace for a sadness in her community. Sometimes a certain peace of jewelry can help bring inner strength if it holds special meaning to the wearer. I spotted it right away from across the room because it was so beautiful and I was immediately drawn to it. This being Sunday and all, a day of worship for many, it seemed appropriate to share this picture. The pendant was quite sizable, maybe 2 inches. I like how the center faux diamond is surrounded by gold beading. As if the diamond is the"heart" of the necklace protected by the beading. The fact she wore it against a plain grey sweater made the beauty of the cross really be appreciated. Wishing all You "Perkees" a peaceful Sunday, Positivity and Joy!

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