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A Closeted Bauble Collector

Ring Baubles
Ring Baubles

It has been a while since we have talked about Baubles. Can you believe that someone actually asked me what a Bauble was?! A Bauble is a tiny trinket and usually when referring to jewelry it means cheap. In the DBL (Deborah Burgoon London) Dictionary, Bauble refers to all jewelry; big, small, shiny, cheap, sparkly, new, used, etcetera. This closeted obsession, literally in my closet, started for me in my Prime. Well my early Prime, now is My Prime. Perchance I was in my late twenties. It began with anything that could wrap around my boney little fingers. Tiny band, wide band, plain band, band with big outrageous décor on them, Excellent! The first real ring purchase I recall was in Lake Placid, at an antique store. I am embarrassed to say, but in my Bauble Box there are cheap rings galore. Then it moved onto the other kind of band. The one that wraps around your wrists; bracelets. So maybe I have a few less than rings, not bad, right? The real disgrace is the necklaces, because I do not even wear many necklaces. But when you see a cheap one hanging in a store and it looks so pretty, you just never know when it might be just the perfect accessory. I might have more of these than bracelets. The one that really snuck up on me was earrings. No wonder, it does have ring in the name. It began with a respectable metal hoop and little diamond"ish" studs and next thing you know, there are more cheap earrings than rings. This situation does not take into account the pins and other shiny whatnots. In my defense, some of these items were gifted to me and none have any monetary value. During our 2016 house fire, my husband's fishing and hunting gadgets were rescued first, out the upstairs window and down the ladder. Um, "what about my Baubles?" It seemed so unjust at the time, but finally rays of hope came through the night sky and my big beautiful Bauble Box appeared out the window and down the ladder. My Mom was in charge of packaging the Baubles and truth be told it took her considerable time. She may have mentioned that she saw a problem with my fondness for collecting cheap Baubles. However, the problem almost happened when just before we got rid of the damaged box, I noticed she had missed an entire drawer. Goodness Gracious, that would have been quite tragic. Losing all my cosmetics was one thing, but not the Baubles, that was unthinkable. A couple months back in Batavia, the nice sales lady who greeted me, told me to look around and feel free to try on anything- even if it was just for fun. Oh no no no, it was too much temptation. At least my purchase consisted of the tiniest pair of sparkly cross earrings so I know I am square with the Man Above. If it helps to redeem myself, I have tried to donate some of it and have willed a few fun pieces to my Nieces. So I can sleep good knowing that. What is your guilty obsession? Head back to the Home page to Join My Blog and receive new post updates and visit the main menu to read past posts of Positivity!

The Positivity Ring
A Positivity Ring


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