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Joyful Little Flappers

Going For Some Sugar
Going For Some Sugar

With the highest wing beats recorded at 88 beats/second, it explains why the Hummingbird is lucky to boast the highest metabolism of any animal. Good thing since they sure do like to eat alot of nectar and sugar! If I could flap my 53 year old wings that fast I sure could eat all the ice cream I desired. Drawn to color for the nectar they need, they tend to produce bright colored blossoms with their pollination. In NY I never see any hummingbirds at my feeder. I read they like to visit feeders where flowers are not abundant. If it is true, that would explain it. My NY feeder is in the middle of my flower bed, dang. I currently have no flower beds in TN and my feeder has a great deal of Hummingbird action. Those little winged stinkers gave me a run for my money trying to capture some photos, but with patience, my camera and I finally out smarted them. Visit my site Wednesday. I will share some fun footage in my Mid-Week Photo Perk. Hummingbirds are thought to be native to the Americas, however in 2004 a 30 million year Fossil was fond in Germany. This has raised some questions about the true origins of this tiny winged bird which has 360 species and is able to oxidize sugar so it can hoover. They have an average life span of 4 years and most species in the North migrate South for winter. They dissipate heat through unfeathered areas such as their feet. In the cold, they tuck their little toes into their feathers to keep them warm. It's like having socks as part of your anatomy! Aztec War Gods believed that fallen soldiers came back as Hummingbirds and Butterflies. As Power and Spirit Animals the Hummingbird represents and promote many Positive attributes. They may be tiny, but they harbor a great deal of energy. If you see one pay attention to what your striving for and continue your exploration. This little flapper is also known for flirtation. They don't mate for life, which does not mean we should be unfaithful, but rather keep things light hearted, don't be so serious and never stop widening your circle of support and love. Keep your heart pumping strong like a Hummingbird and don't succumb to the mundane or routine of life. Never stop evolving and explore that which interest you, because you can't continue growth if you don't continue to pollinate and drink the nectar of lots of "colorful flowers". There presence reminds us our Spirit Guides are with us and want us to use all our Positive Energy to seize the day, keep agile and adapt as your goals require. They also represent strength, vitality and healing. Always be conscious of how your body is being nourished. Put high energy foods in your beaks to keep your mind and body in a joyful energetic state of being. The Hummingbird moto "la dolce vita" which means the Sweet Life and being in a joyful state will help luck find you. How do you relate to Hummingbirds? Head back to the Home page to Join My Blog and receive new post updates and visit the main menu to read past posts of Positivity!


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