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Keep Looking Up

Eclipse Wilder, Tennessee Photo by Mary Rocha

I preface this post by stating it is April 11th, one month prior to Mother's Day. Mom has sent in her gift request. She requests a Post related to the Eclipse. Her inspiration is now mine.

Did you look up on April 8th? If so, then you made April 8th a great day! Too many folks out there wondering around looking down. Either at their phones or hanging their heads because life's challenges are getting the better of them. We had a little gathering on the Mountain with Friends. Shared food and spent time, Looking Up. It was a bit cloudy and 5 of our Solar viewing glasses were defective. But that did not cloud over our excitement. We shared the 2 pairs we had and with that our Joy. It didn't get totally dark here in TN, but in my hometown of Albion, NY it was total darkness with 100% totality. My Mom sent her pictures and sound video. Nature's musical performance was astoundingly beautiful and the Earth's Creatures expressed their excitement that the Sun was rising as God tricked the world into thinking it was dusk rapidly turning to dawn. Some tried to cast a shadow on the Eclipse by suggesting wild conspiracy theories. Everything from portals opening into unknown worlds to earthquakes. It wouldn't be a phenomenon without a good conspiracy! Those people could benefit from some clarity if they begin to Look Up and quit looking down. An Eclipse is a few moments in time, but in life we experience Eclipses many times. Darkness takes hold and our Light is covered. A shadow of doubt is cast upon us. Doubt of importance, ability, security and other Earthly values. When Doubt creeps in it challenges us to question if it is all worth it and abandon our purpose. One of the best ways to overcome your Doubt of purpose is to set out to bring some Rays of Hope to someone who is struggling. Go in search of removing the Shadow of Darkness from Another's day. Even if it is only for a few moments, that Light can become infectious and their added Joy could Radiate to other's. What a meaningful way to give someone Hope. It could be as simple as just offering your smile to someone! Looking Up into someone's eyes and noticing they need a Friend and offering a safe place in your Orbit. When you are looking down you miss the beauty in the world and the true meaning of The Sun's Rays, Gratitude. Only when you have Gratitude can you appreciate and be charitable with your heart. Don't allow the noise in the world, like conspiracies, the man in the screen or Other's Eclipses obscure your happiness and sense of purpose in this life. Put those viewing glasses on and keep Looking Up.. marvel at all of Life's little miracles and God's greatest signature, The Sun. Happy Mother's Day to all those Moms who show us the Sun's Rays in our darkest days and help us to Look Up. How do you conquer Life's Eclipses? Head back to the Home page to Join My Blog and receive new post updates and visit the main menu to read past posts of Positivity!

The Sounds of Nature's Orchestra as The Dawn Rises 4/8/24 Albion, NY

From My Mom Marilyn Burgoon. Happy Mother's Day 💕 xo


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