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Serving Up Lemonade

Joyful Lemonade
Drawing by Stephen Burgoon, Coloring by Me 💕

I'm mak'in Mom a little Lemonade today. She taught us the best way to feel Joy is to spread Joy. When you feel like life is serving you up a big 'ol bowl of Lemons, make Lemonade for others. For Mom making Lemonade means Rock’in It. She pulls out her rocks and painting rack on wheels, shuffles her slippers across the floor and starts Rock’in. My Baby Bro is an excellent Lemonade maker. His recipe consists of a color wheel and pencil. Filling a big glass of Joy with his drawings. I love this drawing he served me to color. It embodies what he knows is my favorite three letter word, Joy. I love the outfits, bubbles, stars, bees, banjo and the booz! This serving of sweetness warmed my heart. Have you ever felt life is just a bit sour for your taste buds? Maybe your bowl of Lemons is a bit full up. It's time to dig out that juicer Ya’ll. Grab a pitcher, a little sugar and water. Taste and share the sweetness. Maybe add a bit of flavor like watermelon or peaches. Imagine what possibilities can spill forth from your glass. Like laughter, warmth of heart, letting others know you care and that they matter. It is a tasteful sight. That is what makes mixing Lemonade for others so special. You realize you have the Power to affect others in a way that is Positive and Meaningful. It does not have to be a big creative feat. It could be as simple as a phone call or taking the time to ask someone, “How are you doing?”. And really caring to hear what they say, without judgement. Or perhaps you just treat someone with a smile. The kind that offers a bit of sparkle in your eye when you gift it. Those are the ones that make someone who’s bowl is full of Lemons smile back. Which conjures up another quote Mom told me “If you see someone without a smile, share yours”. We have all encountered that person that seems abrasive. The instinct is to be abrasive back. Maybe judgement and natural instinct are not the best kind of Lemonade to serve up. Kicking people when they are down is sour. Perhaps a bit of kindness and gratitude, that your story is not full up with Lemons, is a sweeter response. Serve them up kindness. Give them your smile. Acts of kindness are just as sweet and important as gestures of kindness. We all have our struggles and days of doubt. It is too easy to go down the rabbit hole of despair somedays, even for a Positive Missus like myself. So pray, dig out your favorite ingredients and start making Lemonade for others. And make sure to pour yourself a healthy cup as well, because we all deserve to be kind to ourselves as well. Keep our glass half full, instead of half empty. So next time you are feeling a bit blue, turn your color wheel to Lemonade and start doing acts of kindness. Watch a rainbow of sweet yumminess start to churn in your belly. And the sun will begin to shine again. How do you turn Lemons into Lemonade? Head back to the Home page to Join My Blog and receive new post updates and visit the main menu to read past posts of Positivity!

Rockin for Lemonade
Mom's Magic Lemonade Recipe


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