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My Coal Necklace

Coal Necklace
The Gift Of A Coal Necklace

If you know me, then you know I love a good piece of jewelry. Anything that wraps around a finger is perfect! So imagine my excitement a few years back when a little box appeared under the Christmas Tree for me. Very exciting!! I ripped it open, cracked open the box and what was inside? Yep, you guessed it. A necklace of COAL. What In The World, how could this happen? I tried to be so good that year. Legend tell us that coal has been given for centuries to children as a sign that they were not good that year. I read an Italian tradition that gave Garlic or Onion if you were bad. I love Onion and Garlic, so why Coal? I tried to rationalize this gift of Coal. Some people believe Coal used to be given to help provide heat for those who needed it, maybe that was why. Or maybe as Marilyn Monroe said so correctly.."Diamond are a Girls Best Friend". I love Marilyn and I heard that coal will turn into a diamond, so that had to be it, right? I dug deeper and discovered rarely does coal become a diamond. It is a myth, dang. This was not looking good for me. But then I found the meaning behind this Coal necklace. It was handcrafted by someone close to my heart. He knows me better than anyone. Knows that some days I deserve a piece of coal, and not for the good reasons either :). Now I am sure we have all been there, so don't judge this Positive Missus. He found the perfect silver chain, a beautiful piece of coal and created a masterpiece I treasure. When I put it on I feel the warmth from the love that created it and as special as Marilyn Monroe when she wore her diamonds. If you have not guessed already this special little box was given to me from My Best Bud and Husband, Brian. He knows me well and knew I would love this little bauble, not only because it made me laugh but because he made it special for me. It is not the monetary that makes a perfect gift, it is the thought behind it and the spirit in which it is given. While we are all around the tree this week eagerly opening gifts, remember it is not so important what is in the boxes, but the love inside each package, the people around the tree and the laughter created for years to come. Happy Holidays to Everyone. Enjoy the gifts of Joy this Season that are felt in Your Hearts! I wish everyone the Magic of the Season that can be created by a beautiful piece of Coal.

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