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My Newest Friend

A Colorful Little Visitor
A Colorful Little Visitor

Your Mid-Week Photo Perk! This photo tells a story about a 52 year old who comes across this creature in her driveway and is amazed that such a beautiful creatures has found it's ways to her property. Cautiously snapping pictures and keeping the dog away for fear of hurting it. She can not believe how patient this creature is and that it does not try to scamper away. She then runs into her Positivity Pen to bring out her husband and nephew to see this unbelievable little guy. When her husband attempts to pick it up she begs him not to hurt it. He picks it up by the tail and tells her it is a toy that came out of the UTV he just power washed. Sigh. I was tricked by a piece of plastic, but the joy it gave me for 5 minutes was worth it. 😊 I hope that little story brings you a big smile. But really, isn't he cute!

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