• Deborah Burgoon London

Neowise Comet, Point Breeze NY, July 2020

Friday 7/24/20
Tuesday 7/21/20
Monday 7/20/20

Your Mid-Week Photo Perk! The Neowise Comet will not be visible for another 6,800 years. And if it was up to me alone you may not be seeing it here. On Monday thankfully there was a nice gentleman who helped me capture these because my pictures were black...clearly I was struggling with the nighttime Photos. See the progression from 7/20, 7/21 and 7/24 in the clarity of the Comet in the sky and the Photos. The best time to capture the Comet was Monday, however my skills finally improved on Friday. So there you have it. The best day is fuzzy and the least best day is clear. Hopefully you get the "Picture". ( and My Husband helped me, he has a better handle on the whole lense to camera relationship then I do ) 👍


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