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  • Writer's pictureDeborah Burgoon London

Rotten Apple Fragrance

Tokyo Milk

This is the most interesting of fragrances. Being it is Fall and apple Season, it seemed a good time to introduce you all to this perfume. It is called Pretty Rotten from Tokyo Milk. It boasts scents of Ambrosia Apple, Amber Queen Rose, Mandarin, and Forest Greens. Sounds pretty good right? Well it is, but not at first. The funniest thing about this is that when you first open the bottle, the scent is a little bit different. And when you put it on it smells like Rotten Apples! At first I was a bit taken aback. However, after only a short period of time, it smelled "Pretty Rotten" just like the name. The fact that a scent can go from Rotten to Pretty is quite unusual and amazing. Most things in this world go from Pretty to Rotten. I don't know how they did it, but it truly is Pretty Rotten. When I wear it, it makes me feel happiness because I know the transformation it will make that is so unusual! I have other fragrances from Tokyo Milk, but this is one my favorites. If only I knew the magic behind it?. You be the judge.


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