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Sea Lion Sunday Suprise!

Sea Lion Sunday Greetings

If this face does not end your weekend with a smile, then you need to look closer :). With My camera in hand I headed down the road to Niagara Falls and found this Sea Lion swimming in the outdoor pool area at the aquarium. This Sea Lion did not care it was cold and breezy. He was filled with happiness that he could still swim outside and entertain. The greatest thing was when this Sea Lion stopped and paused looking straight at me so I could take this photo! A perfect Sunday Greeting. The Sea Lion performed sweet amusing tricks for the crowd. All the time being given little treats of fish for each successful trick. It had a full belly of fish in no time. This week as the days get darker earlier and the weather is getting a bit crisper, think about this face and the sense of adventure it continues to show. Let it bring you some inspiration to power through these days until the Winter Solstice. When the daylight hours begin to get longer again. Enjoy the week's Adventures Perkees and award yourself a treat if you think you deserve it for an adventure well done!


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