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Weezie in her ShePen
Weezie in her ShePen

Last time My Girl Weezie was featured in a Post she was turning Sweet Sixteen! It has been quite a year for our little one. She has taken a lick'in but keeps on tick'in. She is tough. If you look up tough in the dictionary it says "able to endure hardship or pain". And that she has. By standards, not a perfect shih tzu at birth. I was told she was not worth much as a breed because she was bow legged, with an overbite and a hernia. That was OK because we just wanted to love her. She was given to us free at 6 weeks old. On the day we met her we went to look at the litter and chose her because she was the prettiest mix of dark and light haired. Her first grooming left her pure blonde. Just the beginning of 17 years of never knowing what to expect from this little stinker. We named her Ellie. As time went on Ellie turned to Eloisy and it was not soon after that she became Weezie. It just fit her. Of course we have other names for her like Peanut, Stinky and Cujo. Peanut since she is cute as a little peanut, Stinky for obvious reasons and Cujo because she has always been in charge and knows exactly how to put species in their place. The Vet told me when she was a puppy it was my fault because I trained her to be the boss instead of me. Because of that she has been the boss of the entire house. In her 17 years she has been a sibling to 4 dogs and 3 cats. She has outlived 5 of them. None of them have ever got the upper hand with her, except one, an old golden retriever we adopted. For some reason she respected her. At 15 she had a patch to repair one eye and after turning 16 she lost her other eye. I wish I could blame her cantankerousness on her age and challenges but she has always had alot of attitude and has never been shy about showing her annoyance. Age has made her very stingy with hugs and kisses too. Even though she doesn't hear or see well, she still has plenty of energy. Everyday she gets her steps in and will do anything, even be sweet, if she thinks it will score her some watermelon or hamburg&rice. As long as you do not pick her up, she is happy as can be. Age 16 awarded her her very own ShePen. A little caged in area with her own bed and pee-pee pads so she doesn't have to feel bad about not being able to get herself outside on her own to tinkle anymore. But when you really love.., you will happily make allowances to make that which you love happy. Just seeing her little wiggle as she walks around the yard or hear her little voice as she yells at me, makes it all worth it! As long as she is happy, we are happy too. If you are a parent to an aging pet you know that they struggle at times, but we do what we can to make life easier. So Happy Birthday to little Weezie, we hope that this year will find you full of the joy and attitude that brings smiles to those who know you best.

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Little Ellie Weezie as a Baby
Little Ellie Weezie as a Baby in the Wood Sachel


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