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The Captains Of The Ships

Celebrating all The Captains!
Celebrating all The Captains!

Today is the big day. The day to celebrate The Captains of The Ships or as my Dad would ask,"Who is the Captain of the Ship" and us kids would respond with heartfelt excitement "You are Dad". Of course as we got to be teenagers the enthusiasm waned a bit, but we still responded properly "You are Dad". There are different kinds of Dads. There are quiet and thoughtful Dads, loud and jokester Dads, patient and nurturing Dads, Get Er Done Dads, and more. No matter the type, Dad is still the Captain of the Ship. Maybe that is why Dads are so hard to buy for because the Captain would have everything he needs already for proper Ship navigation. Look up Father's Day gifts on-line and you will find BBQ items, ties, golf clubs, mugs, food, T shirts. I admit I have fallen into one of these gift traps on, well..many occasions. Maybe even this year, again, if truth be told. And I am all about telling the truth because My Dad taught me that "Honesty is Always the Best Policy"! Wish I could get that on shirts for both of us and we could be matching. One could include the phase "I taught her that" and the other could say "he taught me that". And what about those greeting cards, geesh. For Mother's Day there are all kinds of lovely cards, but for Father's Day not so much. So many with tools on them or images of Dads taking a nap in the recliner with the remote next to them. I just need a plain card to let My Dad know that I appreciate him, I love him and I am grateful I grew up on his Ship. I don't know about everyone, but in my family My Mom says "don't give me any gifts", but then slips in a few hints for something she might like in her next sentence. I appreciate that because it makes the gift giving much easier and makes me giggle too because we all want to be noble, but lets face it, a gift is nice too. However with My Dad, he says "do not get me anything for Father's Day". He wants me to take my money and do something good for myself. Truly. If you know him you know that is what makes him happy. Knowing we have the most so we can achieve and enjoy the most. That is pretty awesome right?. When you are the Captain it is important to see your Crew succeed because no one wants the Ship to sink. In a Family when one goes down, we all go down. Because the Captain taught us "A Family that works together stays together" and we lived by that motto growing up. I won't be able to go see Dad without a gift or corny card, but I think he will forgive me again. I am pretty sure that he will be happy that we can spend time together, which is the most important part! If you are missing your Captain or a Captain missing their Crew, know this..the lessons taught on your Ship of Life transcend time and live in our hearts forever. Happy Father's Day to My Dad John Burgoon, My Father In Law Jerry London and All Dads.

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