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The Gift Of Unanswered Prayers

Little Weezie ❤ Giving Inspiration
Little Weezie ❤ Giving Inspiration

We can all relate to that pit in the stomach feeling when it seems our prayers have fallen upon deaf ears. It is the subject of Garth Brooks' song, "Unanswered Prayers". How could this message possibly be Positive?. Let's think about this. How many times have you wished so hard for something to happen only to be disappointed when it doesn't? Sometimes we try to reason with a Higher Power to make things happen. If your wish is granted you will never ask for anything again. I think we all have tried to make that deal before. The last time I tried to make a deal with "The Highest Power" was when little Weezie's eyes started failing. I attempted to make a deal with God in order to save her sight. The outcome was not perfect and not what I prayed for, however this Unanswered Prayer allowed me to witness what resilience was by watching her adjust to her new normal. At a time when I was dealing with my own illness, her lack of sight afforded me much insight into how I could use her fighting little spirit as a beacon of inspiration and an example of what it means to martial on and never give up on living your best life, even when the odds seem insurmountable. She was meant to thrive and inspire and I was meant to be inspired. The lyric declares that just because you do not hear an answer from "above" does not mean they don't care. Many times the answer is in the unanswered. Maybe there is a lesson to be learned or a better path. Perhaps you have a dream for your future and you pray hard to make it happen. Many times it seems the prayer has gone unanswered, but it is possible it is leading you down a better path. It is that old saying "Everything happens for a reason". We may not always know the reason right away. That is where faith comes in. Faith that things will be as they should be. Current situations have all of us praying alot lately. Instead of praying for outcomes, it may be wiser to pray for patients and tolerance. Maybe you are trying to make a bargain because you or someone you love is suffering. Bargains are made out of desperation which we all feel at times. A bargain is a give and take kind of thing. Instead resolve to simply give because what you will take away will be priceless. The more you give, the more you open yourself up to hope. Only then can you be thankful for the gifts in your life and the possibilities. Look back at times in your life that you felt the world would end if circumstances did not go your way. The world did not end and I bet something special came out of if. It may not have even been tangible, but perhaps a change in mindset that led you on a better path. All too often some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers. Here is Garth's song about his old high school flame, relatable to most..

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