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The Rainbow Connection

The Arch of Dreams
The Arch of Dreams

This song was created in 1979 by Paul Williams and Kenny Ascher for Kermit The Frog. Unless you are living under a lily pad you have heard it. Kermit is alone in the marsh with his banjo singing his little soul out because he believes his dreams are more than illusions and feels the pull to follow them. I love how he looks so tortured yet hopeful all at the same time. I think we can all relate to those mixed feelings. It was the version of this song I heard on the 2019 CMA Awards with Willie Nelson and Kacey Musgraves that really spoke to me. It is a song about adventure, love, dreaming and not being afraid to see "what is on the other side". If you wish on a morning star and believe that every wish is heard and answered, then you fall under the spell of The Rainbow Connection. That is what keeps the dreamers and believers "stargazing" as the song's story goes. It is a thought provoking melody about examining your life, finding yourself and your dreams. I think the reason that this version touched me so much was because it featured a young musician paired with an iconic Willie Nelson. She is just starting her journey over the Rainbow and he is nearing the other side. Her voice is young and youthful and his has the tone that only a man of many seasons possesses. He knows her dreams because they were once his, and she sees where his dreams have taken him. Many people are looking to the morning star these days unsure of what is on the other side of the Rainbow. It is during this disquieting time many of us are at a cross roads. What are your dreams? Are you creating a path to make your dreams come true? If not, then ask yourself why. There is alot of truth to the theory that one must be at peace with themselves before they can find true happiness. Daydreaming makes you feel hopeful that someday your dreams can come true. But it is important to know that in order for dreams to come true you have to get your head out the clouds and start making the effort to seek out the other side of the Rainbow. "You never know what a day will bring". I say that alot, because nothing is ever guaranteed and things can change on a dime. Listen to those voices talking to you when you are sleeping telling you that "It will be Alright". Trust in the magic of The Rainbow Connection. It is not just an illusion, but a reality waiting to happen, if only first you believe in yourself. Take a listen to both versions First Kermit's Then Willie & Kacey's . Both will tug at the heartstrings because we all have had those times when we want to live a dream, but are held back because of fears of the unknown. Choose to believe in The Rainbow Connection, let yourself fall under it's spell and live the dream on the other side.

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