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The Unbridled Spirit

Wild and Free Horses

Have you ever seen wild Horses in the wild? Not on TV, but truly running wild in a pack in the vastness of the meadows and mountains. On a trip out West, we headed to The Pryor Mountains in Montana. It was an exploration trip that stays with you. It was quite a drive out to the Pryor's, but it was magical and awe inspiring. Being from Western NY the only Horses I have seen are Horses that have been broken. Kind of a defining term "broken". Broken Horses have shelter, warmth, guaranteed food, and hopefully love. But the life of a broken Horse does not hold the freedom or spirit of a Horse that is free to run. The unbroken Horse controls it's own path. It is tough and needs to self sustain, which is all empowering. When a Horse is broken it becomes dependent on another to care for it, keep it safe, make sure it survives. Those that feel secure in being dependent and crave being cared for will feel secure in the situation of the broken Horse. But for those who crave freedom, self reliance and self control, the containment of the broken Horse is not coveted. Freedom is at their core. Breaking a Horse and their wild spirit is a long process. Curious how one actually breaks a Horse I went to Google. First you must build trust, because animals have an innate ability to sense when they are being threatened. If an animal senses their freedom is being taken away then they will resist. The person breaking the Horse needs to show great patience. Interact with the Horse daily, perhaps offer rewards for non resistance like giving the Horse a carrot for submitting. Once the submission starts, the person breaking the Horse will introduce the Horse to the bridle, the bit, the ear piece.. the saddle. After much resistance the Horse will begin to submit. Even to the bit, which is most uncomfortable to a species that wants to run free. Once the breaking is underway the Horse will need to be accustomed to the tightening of the girth and accept mounting of it's trainer and finally give into the reins. It is quite a process to break a Horse and broken Horses have served wonderful purposes to those that utilize Horses since the beginning of time. For war, for labor, for companionship. The broken Horse is loved no doubt, however the Broken Horse serves those that broke it and will never run or be free. Watching the Horses in the Pryor's and seeing how they run free and cautiously watch us with their soulful eyes as we drive in their "yard", it is clear that freedom of any species is a beautiful thing to witness. If you ever have the opportunity to witness a wild and free Horse go to the Pryor's. It is a vast space holding the unbroken spirit. It demonstrates the power and grit of survival by caring for oneself and protecting the herd. I aspire to be free like the unbridled Horse and keep my spirit unbroken. What animal do you aspire too? Head back to the Home page to Join My Blog and receive new post updates and visit the main menu to read past post of Positivity!

The Free Spirit of an Eagle, amongst some Buzzards

This Eagle Flew over my Lounge Chair in My Backyard this Summer. Free as a Bird!


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