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Tiny Postal Shed

Tiny Shed Post Office
Smallest US Post Office

In a world where many believe bigger is better, this Post Office defies the odds. A little Adventure taken a bit back, left me admiring this little tiny shed. What is so unique and special about this shed is that it was built in 1953 in Zip Code 34141, Ochopee FL. It is the smallest Post Office in the United States with a population of 129 citizens. Located on the edge of the Florida Everglades, this "facility" is fully functioning. You see, there was a choice to be made that day - take the highway and get to the destination quicker OR take the long way through the Everglades and maybe see some Alligators. We opted for the long way and never saw an Alligator! However, we did get to experience something unexpected. My interest was peeked so I approached the dutch door and found Postcards featuring the tiny Post Office. Of course I had to address one and mail it out, just like many had before me. Out in the middle of nowhere, the gentleman tending to the Office was quite proud of this little Shed he managed and we chatted a bit. So next time you are in a rush to get to a destination, remember the Joy and Surprises life can bring when the long road is taken. There is alot to experience down those back roads and great conversations to be had with ordinary people like ourselves. Happy Perks!


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