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What A Face, What A Purpose.

Weezie turns 16
The Gift Of These Big Brown Eyes

Meet Weezie. She is My Girl and this face can make anyone's smile Perk Up! We have been together since she was 6 weeks old. This week she turned 16 years young on Thanksgiving Day. This Positive Perk is not only meant to bring you Joy, but to celebrate this Girl's gift to me. The gift of purpose. Some of you know her already. She is Sassy and has an attitude to match. She knows what she likes and tells you if she doesn't like something. For those who think Dogs are the best because they don't talk back, you never met My Girl. She thinks she is the Boss..and well.. most of the time she is. I am sure many of you can relate to what I am trying to convey. However, she also makes us laugh so much and has been the motivation of alot of eye rolling these last 16 years. I like to reward her good behavior with lots of kisses which she considers a punishment :). If you are in need of some good companionship then I highly recommend a Dog or a Cat too! Dogs are cheaper than therapy. They are always happy when you walk in the door. They let you know that you are needed and appreciated. Isn't that what we all want in life? It is the feeling that some living soul is depending on us, loving us and needing us. Giving us a sense of purpose. Whether you opt for a new puppy or a dog that needs rescuing, you never go wrong with sharing your love. So as we end this week I hope that Weezie's little 16 year old face and big brown eyes can be a reminder as we all go into the Holiday Season that the value in being needed and helping others is magical. Seek out a situation where you are needed. Whether adopting a Dog or extending your help to a person who could use some encouragement, your day will shine a bit brighter for it. It is the power behind Giving. So Happy Birthday to little Weezie and thank you for letting me know I am needed. Let those big brown eyes be the window that lets you see the power of helping others. The greatest purpose of all. Carry the image of these big brown eyes with you as a reminder..

Happy Perks to Everyone! Like and Share Your Comments below, especially what has made you feel needed that you are grateful for.

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