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What Color are You?

Trying A New Color
Trying New Colors in 2021

Do you know what color you are? Not the kind of color the mirror shows you, but the colors inside you. When you think about colors and yourself, what color do you feel like? Strange thing is when I think about it, I feel at times my shade of the spectrum changes. My favorite combination is either a very bright vibrant mixture or just plain white. One is all messy and free and the later is very clean and clear. Maybe because I am a Gemini, the sign of the twins. Some people like the soft colors of pastel. This all must mean something because we are all visual beings and react to what is presented to us visually. My favorite color is green and I have never been fond of pink. However, if you take hot pink and combine it with green, that makes me happy. Pale blues always make me sad, but for others it makes them feel calm. Statistics show that 40% of people are blue people, which is a large majority considering all the colors available on the spectrum. Definitely not feeling red which indicates you are a power person. The world needs power people, but those days are done for me. I am fine just letting others be red for now, maybe someday I will change my mind. That is the wonderful thing about your color, if you are not satisfied or antsy, get your brush out and change your color. Google taught me not many people are green like me. Green people need safety and security. They are happiest in nature and peace. They are loyal and good listeners. They can be very expressive, emotional and are sincere and sometimes frank. We see the big picture and try not to get caught up in details which make us perfect business people. White gives us that old soul mentality, which even though I am not truly an old soul I often feel I am being led by old souls. A splash of hot pink and there is an added sparkle and craving for peace and harmony. Also pink's revel in encouraging others and their happiness. I think my Mom might be a purple. Purple people are intuitive, they are great humanitarians, they have silent strength, but yet they are people magnets and people love to be around them. I could use a bit of that purple. Yesterday I turned 53!! So this year I am going to gift myself a bit of purple hue. If you are an orange I want to hang out with you because you are the party people with adventure. No matter how seasoned I become, I pray life will sprinkle me with a dash of orange. Gotta have that flavor. Although Color Psychology is not scientific it is fun to read about and see what colors you are drawn to. And if you want to add a little spice to your life, maybe sprinkle a room a color that promotes those qualities you like and meditate in there for a while. That is the blessing of life, we get to choose how we approach it and how we want to be remembered and most importantly how this treasure makes us feel inside. What color are you? Head back to the Home page to Join My Blog and receive new post updates and visit the main menu to read past post of Positivity!

My Current Colors
My Current Colors Green/Hot Pink/White 😊


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