About Me

About Me? 

Well it is not a story unlike most.  I am just a 50 plus year old young lady who wants to promote a positive narrative in an ever changing world.  I was raised in a small town and half century later I am still here living on the same street I grew up on.  I love My Family and Friends and I think I am a decent, albeit flawed person.  My Husband and I have been married for 29years.  I have a brother, a sister, many nieces and nephews, no children, but am a pet parent to two dogs Weezie & Charlie and a kitty named Fin.  Both My Parents and Husband's Parents have been married happily over 50years which makes me even more blessed.

I own a Flower Shop here in My small town and have been spreading Floral magic for near 20years.  I truly enjoy helping people express their emotions through flowers.

Prior to Floristry I was in banking for 10 years, but before that, I received two degrees.  One in journalism and one in communications.  So now almost 30 years later I am going to put those degrees to work.

I enjoy traveling, eating, wine/whiskey, country music, simple fashion and cheap rings! 

I hope this Blog will exhibit that age is just a number and life's "ActII" can be just as exciting as the first.  I truly believe each year is a blessing and as long as I keep being curious and get through life's trials with laughter, I will be OK! 

Like Marilyn Monroe said  "Give a Girl The Right Boots and She Can Conquer The World!!"  ....oh yeah and I like Marilyn Monroe.

Positivity promotes Happiness!

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