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2021 The Power Of Self

The Power Within
The Power Within

New Years makes me think about this shirt my Chiropractor Dr. Lisa gifted me. It was the 2020 resolution I should have made. Focus on the power of Self; Self Empowerment, Self Motivation, Self Sustaining, and Self Preservation. On the cusp of 2021, please think about the Power of Self. It is about making choices that bring Strength and Positivity to your life. Top of that being a strong body and mind, because the best offense is a good defense. That means caring enough about yourself to believe you are worth it. Keep your virus fighting machine in tip top shape. I am no Dr., but I am quite good at pretending to be knowledgeable in all things! If you can not believe in your own story then no one else will. OK, back to Self. For me it started after a fun summer of traveling to all the ice cream stands. That fall found me lethargic and 10 pounds heavier. Oh dear! I worked hard and it took months to lose that 10lbs that took me only 3 months to gain. Lesson learned. But it was not enough because what I continued to eat led me down a path of pain. After a 21 day cleanse I felt great. The secret was in what I started eating, clean fresh food. Down 20 more pounds, there is no more pain and my body is strong. So it can be done. You just need to know the secret and realize that Smart Popcorn is not Smart. Ice cream is still a yummy treat, just maybe once a week and not several days a week. And No bread, pasta, soda, or sugar treats as a regular diet. Now onto the mind. That is not so easy, for me. My Brain is always working and it is difficult to not go down the Rabbit Hole of obsession. Perhaps many of you can relate. Especially this year with information coming from too many sources, most trying to use fear to control your mind and emotions. Just like everyone I get angry and yell at the TV and have been known to think that nonlike minded people just don't get it. Don't judge me, you know you have done that too! But you know what, believing you are right and others are wrong, especially to the point of anger is toxic and not healthy. Instead listen, try to respect and reject letting others control you. Concern yourself only with the "Man in the Mirror"(Yourself) and do what is right for you and allow others to do the same. As long as we travel with love in our hearts, we can not go wrong even if it is different from other's path. My resolution for 2021 is to keep the body strong and try to do better with the mind. My hope is that this Post will inspire just one person to do the same. Because if 2020 has taught me anything it is that there is much craziness going on and many people are looking at and judging others behaviors. Instead try looking at yourself to see what you can do to keep yourself healthy and joyful. The Power of Self is God's gift to all us, embrace it. Happy New Year's Everyone!!

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