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A Gift From Evel

Evel's Pine Cone
Evel's Gift to Me - Faith and a Can Do Attitude !

Oh My Word. A gift from Evel! Phonetically speaking what kind of title is that from a Positive Missus?. When it is gift wrapped from Robert "Evel" Knievel it is one of adventure and keeping one's word. I was visiting Butte, MT this spring and discovered in my exploration that Evel was from Butte. Prior to becoming a Daredevil, as a young man, he was employed in the copper mines of which Butte has deep history. At the time of his death he was laid to rest in Mountainview Cemetery, Butte. I visited his grave. Above the stone was a large pine tree and from it fell a pinecone in front of the gravestone. I had to have it. My husband said I should not take anything in front of a gravestone. I explained to him that this pinecone caught my eye and spirit right away. I believed Evel wanted me to carry it on my life's great adventure. It's presence to be an everlasting reminder of the message he left for this world. Upon the stone it reads "A man can fall many times in life, but he is never a failure if he tries to get up". Words from Evel. Have you ever fallen and did you get back up or just lie there? Maybe both if we are all honest with ourselves. But when we devote effort to rise back up, it is a choice and a chance to try again. Reminiscent of one of my favorite sayings, "Every setback is a setup for success". When we fall, often we learn what missteps we took that tripped us up. Maybe we fell because we really weren't trying or maybe we just did not have the tools to succeed. Tangible tools or tools of knowledge. We need to make a choice of whether we want to take it lying down or hold our head and vessel up. To forge on and gather the desire and tools to earn ourselves that Gold Star. This year's garden has been testing my resolve and so I choose not to take it lying down. I keep planting new seeds and sowing the soil. With faith and desire I am determined to not let the weeds take over. It is a metaphor for life's missteps. Don't let the weeds of doubt crush you, because you have yourself to see you to success, if you choose to succeed. During my research on Evel I learned he was not without his shortcomings. But it was important that he kept his word when he tendered it. If he committed to something he would do it, even if he felt he may not succeed. It was that important to him. Perhaps that is why he was such a Daredevil. Once he made a commitment, even to himself, he followed through. Sometimes he fell, but he always got up to try again. Some may view this as reckless, but others will appreciate he was principled in his dependability and resolve. I talk about the Power of Self and his Power was that he valued challenging himself and loving himself enough to keep trying if his first attempt left him flat on his back. Literally. I love that and the little pinecone he dropped down to me 💕. When you fall do you try again? Head back to the Home page to Join My Blog and receive new post updates and visit the main menu to read past posts of Positivity!

Happy Birthday Mamma 💕 😊

Evel Knievel
Thank You Evel


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