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A Little Amaryllis

Janie's Variegated Star of Hope

It is the Easter Season, whereas Jesus rose and was resurrected on Easter Morning proving that Hope and Faith are real, and God is all Powerful. A season for Hope and Miracles. This little Amaryllis was entrusted to me by a dear family friend upon her passing in January of 2021. It made me think about the power of Hope. In December of 2020 I gave her this little Amaryllis so she could watch it blossom. She was very ill. But she was grateful and gracious until the end of her earthly days. The little delicate bloom delighted her as she watched it blossom. It brought her much Joy. Her wish was that I have it back as she made her heavenly journey. A “regift” I cherish. This little plant has been a test of Hope and Faith. Since its original blossoming in 2020 I have watched it grow green leaves with great anticipation of a blossom more than once. Big beautiful green leaves came forth, only to see them turn brown without producing one single blossom. Each time the urge to put this bulb in the rubbish pile was tugging at me. But the thought that Janie entrusted this to me to witness it’s Miracle was tugging at my heart more. She knew the Joy behind it. Therefore, I held on to it each time it fell short of producing a bloom. So this winter when I peeked into my garden shed and spotted the green of growth coming from the bulb, I had little Faith that it would actually produce a blossom. I began to truly nurture it. Brought it inside. Put it under a grow lamp. Watered it. Remembered Janie and her wish to share the Joy this little Amaryllis would bring. The leaves grew and grew and still no sign of a blossom. So you would think, there you have it, right?. But you would be wrong. One morning upon my daily ritual with this Amaryllis I had a double take when I noticed a leaf that looked a bit different than the others coming from the side. And it grew and grew. It’s white with pink tipped star shaped blossom graced me. And with it three more blossoms at it’s wake. As if that was not a wonder on its own, another blossom begins to grow at the base of this plant. A lesson during this season of Miracles that Janie gifted me with.. Never lose Faith or Hope in that which brings us Joy. The beauty of patience and belief will be abundance. With the right amount of Faith and nurturing, the unlikely or imaginable can flourish. For readers of my Past Perks you know this isn’t the first time Janie gifted me inspiration, see my prior 2020 post . So as this season of Miracles falls upon all of us, never lose Faith that with Hope there is always a promise of great rewards. Do everything in love, Corinthians 16:14. "No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn." Easter is a symbol of Hope, renewal, and new life. Happy Good Friday and Easter to All. What symbols of Hope blessed you? Head back to the Home page to Join My Blog and receive new post updates and visit the main menu to read past posts of Positivity!

A second Blossom sprouts from the base!

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