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A Note Of Thanks

I woke up this AM at 8:10am thinking about this little plaque that My Mom gave to me a couple years back for a special recognition I received. I felt it appropriate today because...well...I woke up feeling like a bit of a Big Deal. As we all get to know each other through this Positive Perks Page, you will come to know that I don't take myself too seriously and like to laugh at myself quite often. It is a family thing in a way, we all like to laugh alot, even at each other. It has helped to get us through some tricky times, even when we laugh inappropriately. I am sure most of you can appreciate some inappropriate chuckles. Those you can only share with your closest Peeps. Ok, well back to the 8:10 wake up. As you might have noticed last week I changed up My Blog routine a bit. That is because I have been invited by Our local Lake Country Pennysaver and On-line Hub

to share a Positive Perk each Sunday as you all rise and shine for the next few weeks. I consider this a huge honor and am so Thankful for this opportunity to sprinkle everyone with a little Positivity to end their week on. Random things that bring me Joy that I hope with bring you Joy too! So going forward for a bit, this Perks Page will feature a Mid-Week Photo Perk and a Sunday Morning Perks Blog. This Sunday brings us all on the heals of Thanksgiving and it is a perfect time to express Thankfulness and show gratitude for all that Life is offering -and to share Our happiness with others. So today in this Post I want to say simply that I am Thankful to have another platform to be able to spread some smiles around and for all of You that have given Me the opportunity to feel like a "Big Deal"for a little while. As you get older you realize there is no shame in a little self indulgence.. because you only live once, so make it spectacular and keep the laughter going. xoxo

Happy Perks to Everyone! Keep enjoying the Adventure. Like and Share Your Comments below, especially what You are Thankful for, I would love to hear from everyone.

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