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A Quiet Friend

This leaf a quiet protective Friend

Isn't this leaf magical? See how it stood up, coming out the ground with the light of day shining perfectly behind it displaying all of it's unique qualities. It compelled me to photograph it quickly before the slight breeze laid it down on the ground again. This particular leaf was once a bud in the springtime. From that bud came a beautiful green maple leaf. Along with many other leaves it provided shade and cool breezes in my back yard during the hot summer months. For that I am very grateful to this little leaf. As spring went onto summer then fall, this leaf aged and began to produce colors and character that told the story of it's life. It heard my secrets and shared in my laughter atop that big Maple in my backyard. Like a quiet friend. Now the large Maple in the backyard is almost bare and it will become a place for snow flakes to gather and glisten until springtime. But as poetically as Angie Weiland- Crosby put it... "Autumn whispered to the wind - I fall, but always raise again". Next year there will be a new bud and new leaf to share in the joy and laughter of summertime in the backyard. Perhaps you can gather up a special leaf from your yard and when the cold days of winter are upon you, place it to your ear and maybe you will hear the laughter of summertime. Until then enjoy the glistening winter branches as the trees get a much needed rest. Happy Perks!!


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