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A Song About Love Conquering All

Dear Love...
Dear Love...

So many things going through This Brain this week. Sometimes the Positive is not so clear. Truth be told, I had a special Post ready for this week, but my heart has been tugging me in a different direction. So I will save that Post for next week. Have you ever heard the phase "The Devil works harder"? Figuratively or spiritually it seems often negativity wants to overpower Positivity. During times of unrest when negative images and rhetoric are working hard, I turn to a certain song. The song is called "Dear Hate" and is a letter to "Hate". The use of this ugly word normally not worthy of an Audience, propels a Positive message in this song. Don't let the name mislead you into believing that it is not about the Power of Love, because it is. This song was inspired by the 2015 Charleston shootings and was first sang one day prior to the 2017 Massacre in Las Vegas at The Harvest Festival. Who knew it would resonate to so many the very next day. It is a song written by Maren Morris and two other Songwriters that has a Powerful Message that spoke to me when I first heard it a couple years back. The first lyric compares "The News to drops of rain that cover us like paint making us fear we might drown in It's pain. Leaves us wondering how the world can keep spinning 'round". An illustration of The Devil working harder to convince us that humankind is heartless. My belief is that while flawed, humankind is nothing but heart. So history is filled with the pain of the Poison Pen, but the song continues on to let this ugliness know that Love's Gonna Conquer All. We can not be fooled by the "looking glass which tries to trick us into believing that Hate is normal", because it is not. If you look through all the "chaos and noise" there is Love. If you look through history, you find Love. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you -The Golden Rule and you will find Love. When life or circumstance brings you down, lift yourself up by showing kindness to others and you will find Love. Misery does not love company, but rather compassion and understanding. Some notables of kindness that stood out to me this week, The Gentle Protester who offered Police water during these times of unrest. They had gratitude and thanked him. Or, the 3,000 Rochesterian's who came together to help out Their Neighbors and Businesses after they fell victim to the Poison Pen of History. Or images of people of all walks of life hugging, supporting and walking together to further change without judgement or malice. That is where you find Love and in THAT spirit Love Can Conquer All. Personally I have to believe that, and that perpetuating pain of any kind is never justified. I hope this song can help heal and may Mr. Floyd, Captain Dorn and all Victims of Violence Rest In Peace and may We all Hold up Peace in Their honor. Here is the song

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