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Appreciation With Words Not Gifts

Words of Appreciation
Words of Appreciation

We are entering the first 2 weeks of National Procrastination Week. I was going to touch on that, however I think I will wait until later. Why do today what you can do tomorrow. Instead lets talk about today, Sunday March 1st which is World Compliment Day created by a Netherlander named Hans Poortvliet. The idea is to appreciate people with words not gifts. What an awesome concept. Words are so powerful because they are often driven by a thoughtful heart. Everyone loves a good compliment..don't deny it because you know you do too! Makes you feel all good up in your "feels" when someone pays you a compliment. Personally I like it when people compliment my baubles or tell me I am a good person. That is a good balance. One is for vanity and one is for validation that you are making a positive difference. You know what I like better than receiving a compliment? Giving a compliment. I told a waitress that she had great skin. She was older than I but her skin was dewy fresh. Well you would have thought I left her a $100 tip. She smiled from ear to ear. Men, here is little tip. If you aspire to make a lady happy, a good skin compliment never fails, trust me on that one. Some people deserve validation so I like to pass out a good compliment there too. For example, if I am lucky enough to be entertained by a street performer that is making my day a bit brighter. I pass along a little "green" and tell them they are doing awesome. I think next time I will just say they made my day brighter. I feel that would mean more. Then there are people who need a compliment. Perhaps the trickiest because you don't want to come across as pitying. Like if someone is struggling at work, find an opportunity to compliment what they are doing right. I might tell a Designer at The Shop what specifically they have done that made a design special. Perhaps I find the color scheme uplifting. Be specific for those who need a compliment so they know their actions created a positive impact in some way. That will make the compliment more meaningful and motivational. Whatever it is that compels you to offer a kind word to someone else, know this for really just helped yourself as well. A compliment is a mirror of an emotion. There is no greater joy than knowing you created happiness in another person. The joy on their face, is now joy on yours! This brings me to another important March Day on the 20th World Happiness Day. Two great holidays in one month that can be celebrated with one kind act - A Compliment. Procrastination is the thief of time, so if you see someone deserving or in need of a compliment offer it today. It is free but pays back immeasurably. Happy Perks to Everyone! Like and Share Your Comments. Share what compliment you witnessed that brought happiness. If this post inspired you, scroll back to the top of the page to Join My Blog if you have not already and receive new post updates. Be sure to visit the main menu to read past post of Positivity too!


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