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Believe In The 4 Leaves

Seven Four Leaf Clovers.. Found!
Seven Four Leaf Clovers.. 7X Faith, Hope, Love, Luck!

September 7, 2019. Not exactly St. Patrick's Day, but a lucky day for sure. That is the day I stumbled upon a patch of 4 Leaf Clovers at of all places..Hamlin Beach, NY. A few yards from the sand was an expanse of Clover. Upon further inspection I discovered it was laden with 4 Leaf Clovers. Oh Lucky Day, I found seven! With St. Patty's Day upon us, I got wondering why the 4 Leaf is proclaimed to be so lucky? It is said that Ireland has more 4 Leafs than any other country, making the Clover a symbol for "The Luck of the Irish". The various Leaves represent Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck and is a Celtic symbol of magic and good luck. The first three Leaves are driven by emotion and the third is brought on by magic. The ability for something to happen mysteriously without a clear answer as to why. Perhaps divine intervention. I think there could be something to this myth, because the weekend that I found the 4 Leafs I had two lucky happenstances. #1- It was a slow retail week at the Shop and we needed to turn over some stock. I kept my eye to the 4 Leafs having *Faith something was on the horizon, *Hope it was going to happen soon, allowing us to get our hands busy doing what we *Love. The 4th Leaf of *Luck did not disappoint and at the 11th hour a large order came to us keeping us in the green. #2- We won 2 box seats to a Buffalo Bills game. In addition, I took one of my new found 4 Leaf Clovers to My Cousin's house and placed it in a little paper cup of water by her back door because her husband was on a job search and guess what? You guessed it, he was offered a job that week. I later learned if you share your Clovers with others your luck will double which explains why I was lucky enough to score a big order and two free box seats! Good Karma. Proof that when you believe in The Luck of the Irish all things are possible. The unique thing about the 4 Leaf is that you can tap into the spirit and luck of St. Patty's Day all year. The 4 Leaf is not just lucky in Ireland. It is lucky in the hands of a Believer universally. Next time you stumble on a patch of Clover take the time to get down in it and do some searching. You never know when you might get Lucky. Where there is one 4 Leaf there is usually more since a 4 Leaf reproduces it's DNA. The world record for most 4 Leafs found was 166 by Katie Borka in 2018. I can only image the Faith, Hope, Love and Luck she was sprinkled with. Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone. A day when everyone is Irish! Wear green so no one pinches you, eat corned beef & cabbage, drink green beverages and celebrate with the wild abandonment of a Leprechaun.. "May good luck be your friend in all things you do and trouble be a stranger".

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