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Days In The Sun

Sunshine Days
Sunshine Days

"I've had my Moments, days in the sun, Moments when I'm second to none." This song written by Sam Tate and two others, reminds us all of the impact we have on those who are in our presence. The song was inspired by an interaction that Tate had with a Soldier who was a Silver Star recipient for bravery. He was injured in a way that left him unable to speak and his spirit was broken. Tate spent 3 days fishing with this Soldier named Travis and at the end of their time together, Tate assured Travis that he was going to be OK. Travis responded.. I know because I have had my Moments. Goodness that is powerful. The song released in 2006 opens with an old homeless man crawling out of his cardboard box to follow a young man who is walking to the midpoint of a bridge. The young man knows he is being followed by the homeless man so he reaches into his pocket for change. You see he does not feel he is going to be needing it, his reasons for being on the bridge are despair and loss of hope. You might think this old man wouldn't bother with such things, since he has his own pain. But his pain helps him to recognize this young man needs him and he is generous enough to see him through this Moment. He needs to remind him to not lose faith because we all have our Moments, both good and bad. The old man reaches out to the young man and tells him that he has had his Moments, like when he was a Soldier or when he had his son. Although the old man's life appears to be one of hopelessness, he explains that he has had his Moments and was not always homeless. His Moments, he shares, keep him so warm that even the cold can not cut through him. What a metaphor, right? During his Moments he did things he thought he could never do. Those Moments and the one he is in right then lets him know he has purpose. The young man is wondering if anyone would notice or miss him if he was no longer alive. The old man's example teaches this young man that even though he feels invisible, his Moments have touched people just as this old man's Moment is touching him right then. In the end the presence of this man allows the younger man to see his life flash before him and he is able to see clearly his life does have value and he has touched many. He is able to walk away from his despair with renewed faith. And that old man, he just earned himself another Moment... it was a cold night, but he fearlessly saved this young man from his Moment. We are all human beings that have one great thing in common, our need for purpose. If you see someone who can not find their purpose, gently show them they have one. Maybe with words or with actions. Our life is meant for Moments like these made of grace, kindness and consideration. It could make all the Positive difference in the world. Here is the song What was your Moment? Head back to the Home page to Join My Blog and receive new post updates and visit the main menu to read past post of Positivity!


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