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Happy Halloween From Hughie

Hughie Is Happy It Is Halloween

I was trying to sleep this AM but was distracted by Hughie. Who is Hughie? Well he is My Jack-o-lantern. He was sending Me a vibe that he is ready to come out and play tonight! OOOOOh. Rest assured that Hughie is friendly. How could he not be with a big smile like that. Late last night when I got home, I felt inspiration bubbling over and less than an hour later out came Hughie from once a plain old pumpkin. Now he is ready to shine up My Home tonight in hopes of greeting lots of cute little Tricker Treaters waiting for candy, while spreading lots of Joy and Smiles. If you don't participate in Halloween at least Treat yourself by taking a peak out your window this evening and take in all the excitement and adventures these little hearts are putting out there. Happy Halloween Perkees!


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