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Honoring Overcomers

Tree of Hands and Honor
Tree of Hands and Honor

May. Mental Health Awareness Month and Memorial Day. Statistic say 1 in 5 people "experience" Mental Health issues. I have no doubt that number is low. Most of us have experienced a Mental Health crisis at least one time in our lives because we are emotional beings. Mental Illness can be fostered by internal chemicals or circumstances. Imagine if those occurrences did not end and you had to face that realization daily. Would you have the strength and courage to carry on? If you or someone you love struggles with Mental Health, this subject is close to your heart, as it is mine. I am about Positive Perks and in that spirit this post will be a story about Overcoming. It is primarily inspired by someone who is college educated, very smart and can speak on any subject. They would give the shirt of their back for you if you needed it because they harbor a sensitive heart. Their Peers look up to them because they give of themself often when they see someone in need. This may not seem so unusual, but if you witness someone who rises up to the challenges of anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive or other Mental Health challenges you know that they are exceptionally strong. Why you may wonder? Because society has a way of passing judgement because they do not understand the state of mind of a person who rises above the challenges of Mental Health on a daily basis. But you know what, that does not dissuade those who suffer from fighting everyday to be the best they can be. Wanting and deserving respect and courtesy. Against the pull downward from side effects of medications, they survive. It is hard to grasp the difficulties of someone who suffers from Mental Health challenges since their pain is not visible on the outside. They wear their pain on the inside. Still, it physically hurts as much as any illnesses that can be seen. If you ever are in need of a compassionate heart find someone who is an Overcomer and therefore, wiser. The knowledge they hold to offer insight on issues of the heart are priceless, because only they know what it takes to forge on each day..even when it seems impossible. Never succumbing when life gets to be too much, but Overcoming. The stigma surrounding Mental Health is one of fear. People fear what they don't understand. So restrict judgement and choose to be inspired instead. We are all people trying to navigate life, each with our own challenges whether mental, physical or both. No one goes unscathed. Honor Memorial Day by memorializing those Service Men who's Mental Illness was created by that of a quiet farm boy from Nebraska who went to war and returned with emotional barriers that lasted until he took his last breathe, but still Overcame in life. Honor them by soldiering out a Life Boat for those who need emotional support..leave no man behind.❤

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