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In Harmony Under The Stars

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What is a girl to do who looks forward to her concerts every year and is left with nothing but cancelled Concert tickets for year 2020? T McGraw, FGL, Midland, Kenny Chesney, Kane Brown. Just a few cancelled tickets I hold in my hand. I thought about it, and in this situation I decided I can either cry in my tambourine or find a solution to get my "music on". So with an open mind I decided to try a Drive-In Concert. I chose Blake Shelton because I have seen him live several times and he puts on a great show. He inspires me to sing loudly. He feeds off his audience and that makes us feed off him. Ok, so I went on-line purchased a ticket for our car and off we went to Perry, NY to The Silver Lake Drive-In. I had never been there before. Loved it. So cute! Planning ahead we brought some dinner from the Yume Bistro in Batavia to eat while "tailgating" by the side of our car. California Rolls, Sushi, Pineapple Shrimp. Not your average Concert food, but this was no average Concert. Instead of Concert seats we had our loungers and coil mosquito repellent. The Yeti made a perfect table and it was quite cozy. As long as you did not park behind the big SUV with the utility rack on top of it, every seat was a good seat because it was a Drive-In! The countdown began on the big screen and then the Opening Act played. Just like a real Concert, but the nice thing was, there was no 25 minute set change between Acts. In addition, Blake brings in some guests like Trace Adkins and his GalFriend Gwen. This does not usually happen at a live concert, but it was a nice little addition. They share some songs and banter. I love it when Artists share stories or talk to the Audience, it builds a bit more rapport. Dolly Parton is the best at this and her stories are so sweet and she is very funny. Compared to a live Concert it was more laid back, except for the truck next to us. Those girls were really loving Blake. It was pretty clear by the way they were yelling at the screen how much they loved him. But I appreciated it, because it made it feel a bit more authentic. I never really sang out loud because everyone was quietly listening in their chairs or in their cars. One thing that was really cool was that the Drive-in speakers really worked! In the end I conclude while this type of Concert is cheaper than a live Concert, I did miss the personal interaction between the Artists/the Audience/and Us. But because it was a Drive-in, the evening was perfect with lots of stars and behind the big screen you could see the glow of the moon through the trees. Made you feel like even though it was a small crowd, that under those stars Concert lovers were sharing in this moment together, all over the Country at their local Drive-ins. An old fashioned way to enjoy some music under the stars, Together in Harmony 😊.

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Scenes From The Concert!


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