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Ink Your Mind

Flower Ink For a Flower Lover - Me!
Flower Ink For a Flower Lover - Me!

I have always found body art, aka Tattoos, very intriguing. Sometimes I even partake. But don't let my proclamation fool you, because needles leave me feeling queasy. In order for me to display body art, it is going to have to be the temporary paint or press on variety. Another pain free option is the Henna Tattoo. Both can last a couple weeks and involve no puncturing of the skin. A proper Tattoo is created by injecting pigments into your skin to create permanent designs.Tattoos were first discovered on the remains of a body in the glacial ice alps. They predict the time period to be 3250 BCE. Not sure exactly the scope of that timeframe, but it sounds like a very long time ago. The remains had 61 Tattoos on them. Tattoos can be Decorative, such as a pretty butterfly or Symbolic, such as a wedding band around your finger or even Pictorial, such as a photo of a loved one. There are many reasons Tattoos are given. Current times allow for mostly consenting Tattoos, meaning the Receiver wants one. History tells us Tattoos have not always been consenting like in Nazi Germany when Tattoos where force-ably given to identify Victims of The Camps. I read that sometimes Tattoos are given to those afflicted with Alzheimers for their safety so they can be identified if they wander. The concept of a makeup Tattoo is very appealing. Yep, that is a real thing. Imagine never having to apply lipstick again because the color is Tattooed upon your lips. That would be very handy right now with masks and all. I read the lipstick industry is suffering due to fallen sales in the last few months. Totally makes sense. It is difficult to keep lipstick on while wearing a mask. To me Tattoos are like Inking what is on your mind or in your heart. If the emotion created is strong enough a Tattoo will surely keep it in your path of site.. a reminder of what brings you joy or purpose. My Cousin and I were talking about getting a Tattoo and she actually braved up and got one. If I thought I could work up the nerve I would put it on my 2020 Vision Board. However, I fear I may chicken out once the Tattoo machine starts buzzing and only sure things go on the Vision Board. In order to have a Tattoo one must possess their full faculties, which means no consuming "liquid courage" prior. Good thing my linen closet has an assortment of fun Tattoos, like flags, flowers, bees, butterflies, henna and lots more. There are all kinds of fun Tattoos for purchase. Consider it an accessory and next time you are heading to a fun event, maybe slap one on. It is bound to create some comments and laughter from those who just "Can not believe you got a Tattoo!". Don't tell your secret. For a moment in time put on a brave face and let everyone believe that you are carefree and Inked Your Mind OR brave up and get real Ink!

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