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Join In With Your Own Perks

This Slug is in no hurry

I feel it only fitting that this first post before beginning the journey toward positivity is to invite any random comments You Perkers would like to share. This being a new Blog, I would be delighted to hear from other people to see what makes them feel happiness to start me off. Today I would like to share that I am feeling particularly intrigued by this slug. Now I am sure many of you are not with me on this. But as I watched it today I really appreciated how it took it's time and enjoyed the sun on it's face without fear. This Slug was in no hurry because it knew that all things happen in good time. Sometimes the beauty is in the journey not the end result. Much like this journey to create this blog has been for me. Please share what lessons you have learned from an unlikely source that made you smile or any random Perks. Positivity and Joy!


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