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The Back, The Front

Here is how it all started. My husband and I always talked about getting a Dune buggy. But instead around 2010 we invested in two motorcycles. To be honest, one was a Harley and one was a Scooter! Brian got the Harley and I got the Scooter. It was going to be great fun. Together we were going to ride the highways together, side by side. That was the plan, but not the reality. First and only problem was Me. When we considered this adventure we forgot to factor in two important variables. #1 I am accident prone and #2 I do not like hair raising experiences. Don't laugh, but I found the Scooter to be scary. I was afraid to go over 20mph and I kept crashing. The clutch brake thing was too much for my brain to process. However I was determined to achieve the "M" on my licence for Motorcycle and I did, so I was happy with that. The helmet matched my bike, but that could not motivate me to get back on it after I passed the road test. So I was relegated to the back of the Harley with Brian and I did not like it. I wanted to be in front, not the back. If I couldn't handle a Scooter no way I was going to handle a Harley. Fast forward a couple years and someone nearly sideswipes us off the Harley. It was a unanimous decision, it was time for a change. So back to the original and much safer dream of the Dune buggy. We sold the two wheeled contraptions and began the search for a four wheeled mobile. As luck had it we found one in Orleans County. It was a year and half process but My husband restored it. It is beautiful. We named it LUVBUG25 since the year we purchased our Bug was also the year of our 25th Wedding Anniversary. Rest assured that the LUVBUG25 is more our speed. When you are in the Bug people always smile and wave because it is a happy color and is a fun shape. People are waving at the Bug not us. It is the youthful spirit of the Bug that makes people happy. A couple of kids mentioned to us that it must get "squirrely in the back end" when we get going. Kids, we do not go that fast, we are past that point in life, we just want to enjoy the ride. We have no desire to get "squirrely". I love how LUVBUG25 proudly displays the red/white & blues in the tall whip antenna. Every time we take a spin I look at My Husband and say "This is what it is all about". Being outside with the wind in your hair listening to some tunes on the radio. It makes one feel like they are part of something inviting - the world. The LUVBUG25 is manual shift which I am not skilled at. Perhaps someday I will learn, but for now I am happy to be My Luvbug's passenger and co-captain in our ride through life.. LUVBUG style. If you and your honey have a fun adventure you have dreamed of, take a chance and just do it! Whether it be a flop like the Motorcycles or a success like the Dune buggy, you never know if you don't try.

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