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My Boots.

My Cowboy Boots
Conquering The World In My Boots!

These are My Boots. You might be wondering why in the world I would post a picture of My dirty old Boots...Good Lord!. Well, these Boots have moved my feet in the right direction many times. Sometimes I lead them and I am sure sometimes they lead me. These Boots were given to me for Christmas many years ago by My Husband. He picked them out, wrapped them up and left them under the tree for me. Notice they are pink. My favorite color is green, but he saw me in those pink Boots and that made me love them. Every once in a while in our travels when we have come across a western boot shop My Husband wants to know why I don't get another pair of boots since I love mine so much. Something flashier. There are alot of beautiful boots to be had, but I always politely decline. The flashy boots, the new boots, don't carry the value that My Boots do. Those boots have never gone to a rodeo with me, or a country music festival with me, or helped me get through a long day of work on my feet, or cooked a meal with me, or celebrated New Years Eve with Me, or challenged me to go horseback riding. My story is being written in My Boots. They are showing some signs of wear and tear, just like me. But together we happily go on adventures together. Like Marilyn Monroe said...and My favorite saying - "Give a Girl The Right Boots and She Can Conquer The World!" I have the right Boots and when I put them on they make me feel pretty cool. Yes I said it, pretty cool, And powerful. Maybe someday I will need or want a new shinny pair of boots and that is OK too. But for now I will give My Boots a little boot shine every once in while to keep them happy. My Husband had it right those many years ago when he gave Me those Boots, because he could see Me in them, I have been able to conquer many adventures with him, in them Boots. We perfectly fit each other now. So when you find comfort in something in life that makes you feel a bit of adventure, treasure it and keep it close. Even if it is as simple as a Pink pair of Boots.

Happy Perks to Everyone! Keep enjoying the Adventure.

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