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One Year Of Perking

Journals of Blogs 💛
Journals of Blogs 💛

October 14th will mark one full year of Positive Perks. To date there have been 60 Perks and many Mid-Week Photo Perks. For those of you who catch a Perk in the Sunday Morning publications of the Pennysaver or Hub, Perking was happening before they were kind enough to share Perks in print and on-line. To see all Post and Perks you can go directly to my Blog Site at . Positive Perks came about because it seemed the world needed a way to experience some light hearted, yet sometimes very meaningful commentary on how the world can be seen. Even if it was through the eyes of a 50+ year old Missus from a Small Town. The Perks started small, but with all the words rattling around in this brain they became longer with time. Like a singer has to sing and a painter has to paint... a writer has to write. As a young girl I was never one to dream of fancy weddings or even motherhood. Instead there were dreams of laughter, traveling and writing. There is nothing that is unique about me or my life experiences, in fact I have learned that many people have had similar life situations to those Perked about. The dream was the Blog would be a place for people to share their own experiences and joys in the comment sections of each Post. By hearing all those great stories that life has afforded us, maybe we cancel out the noise of the everyday nonsense. As it turns out people did not share many comments on the Blog, which made me wonder sometimes if Positive Perks was working. Assurance came from the personal emails and messages people have left me. Many times people stop me in the stores and tell me how much they are enjoying the Perks weekly in the Sunday Morning publications. But what truly is touching and heartwarming is when someone shares how a Perk brought back a sweet memory from their childhood. Sometimes they say the memories brought them happy tears. Being that I am my own best audience, I enjoy sharing my silly little stories. A special moment that comes to mind is when an older gentleman stopped to tell me that when he read one of the Christmas Perks it reminded him of when he was a young boy and his brother gave him a special watch for Christmas. He said it reminded him of how much it touched him as a child. He thanked me for helping him to remember. It was a Christmas Blessing. This is what Positive Perks is about :) it is working! For now I will continue Perking in hopes that my passion for babbling can help someone through a tough time, bring hope to someone, inspire someone or just make someone laugh! For those of you who have stories to share, don't be shy, add them to my Blog site for others to enjoy. Share your stories, Head back to the Home page to Join My Blog and receive new post updates and visit the main menu to read past Posts of Positivity! xoxo

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