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Palm Sunday Blessings

Palm Cross Adorns My Door
A Palm Cross Adorns My Door

A few years back one could purchase Palm Crosses out front of The Main Street Store in my hometown of Albion. The Crosses were created of Palm Buds knotted into loops and woven into the shape of the Cross. I always wanted one so I purchased this one and added a little pop of color to the center. Each year I pack it away carefully so I can display it the next year. Curious about the history of the Palm Bud as it relates to Easter, I needed a little refresher on my theology so I called upon my childhood friend and High School Alumna, Pastor Sue Thaine of the First Presbyterian Church here in Albion. I give her my dumbed-down version of Holy Week and thankfully she said I had the basics. I was raised in the Catholic Church completing the sacraments at St. Joseph's Church. But I always felt I belonged to two Churches both the Catholic and Presbyterian because even though My Mom's side was Catholic, My Dad's Mom was Presbyterian so we would attend events with her as well. Honestly, I feel that denomination is not as important as believing. If you have faith in a higher power than yourself, who walks side by side with you when you need them you are humbled and blessed. What I learned from the material that Pastor offered me was that when Jesus entered Jerusalem there was a great celebration by his believers and they waved and laid palm leaves on the ground as he entered the city on his donkey. To celebrate Palm Sunday many churches disperse them at services. As a young girl I recall the Palm Buds in the pews at church. We really did not know what to do with them except maybe waive them around and play with them. But we knew it was a special day because they were not there at other services, only Palm Sunday. This Palm Sunday will be a bit different for many because parishioners will not be attending a mass to collect their Palm Buds. Personally it is a bit quieting because at My Shop we bring in bundles of Palm Buds and various churches stop in on Friday and Saturday to collect their Buds, but not this year. The wonderful thing is that modern technology has allowed parishioners to be a part of church services and celebrations on-line. Get creative, if you don't have a Palm Bud take a little branch from your yard to help commemorate the day. Some climates use branches like Olive or Willow. Jesus entered Jerusalem as a symbol of peace. Everyone could use some of that these days. So as you start the beginning of Holy Week, keep peace at the forefront of your journey and that Branch or Palm close by as a reminder. Light a candle and know that even though your Branch was not blessed in church, blessing will be sent to those who have faith. Trust in that. "May the spirit of this holy occasion and the warmth of the season make your heart bloom with joy and happiness, have a blessed Palm Sunday." 

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