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The Christmas Stocking.

Give The Gift of Hope and Joy :)

The Christmas Stocking. If you celebrate Christmas then at one time or another you have had the special treat of hanging up your Stocking on Christmas Eve .."In hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be there". This Stocking was mine throughout my entire childhood. It is made of felt and glue and stitched on the ends. For 20 years I put it out with the anticipation of what Santa might put in it. It got me thinking about how this tradition started. Legend has it, there was a father who was concerned that his daughters would never marry because he had no dowry to offer husbands. So one Christmas Eve, St. Nick knowing that the Father was too proud to accept charity, threw gold down the chimney and it landed in their Stockings drying by the fire. This charitable act by St. Nick provided the young ladies with the money they needed to wed and find happiness. Since then children and adults have been putting their Stockings out on Christmas Eve with the anticipation of what Santa will bring them. The Christmas Stocking is a symbol of Holiday traditions. You don't have to be young in age to participate, just young in spirit! When you enter a home that has Stockings present, it makes you smile because you feel traditions are being carried on and you know it will bring laughter and joy. Although the stocking is meant to receive gifts, it also is a way to give gifts. I hope every child can hold the joy of the Christmas Stocking. Several years back Santa entrusted me to help him place some Stocking gifts on the front porch of a little boy on Christmas Eve. His family, like the father of the 3 daughters, did not have much money. Christmas morning I watched out my window as he wandered down the street, wearing a new t-shirt tossing a little nerf football that This Elf left. And in the words of the Grinch... My old heart grew 3 sizes that morning, because I knew the spirit of St. Nick did it again. He helped facilitate warm feelings of hope and love that Christmas Morning for one special little boy. Perhaps if you know of someone who needs hope and joy this holiday, you can grow your heart too. Take a lesson from St. Nick and sprinkle a bit of cheer on Christmas Eve. Help to make sure all children can experience the treat of The Stocking. Although there is much received during the holidays, it truly is about the giving that is the Magic of the Season. It is not the tangible items in the Stocking that make it a treasure... it is the unseen...the traditions, the hope, the joy, the smiles on young faces.

Happy Perks to Everyone! Like and Share Your Comments below and any Holiday traditions that have brought you joy.

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