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The Energy of 4

The Three 4's
The Three 4's

My Friend Heather was telling me about the importance of my new lot number in Tennessee. There is Energy behind each property number, if you entertain the possibilities of balancing energy... Being I am sort of an empath, I am big on Energy. We feed off Energy, so it is important to make sure you are on a path that will lead to good Energy. My Friend assured us our address #283 in TN is a favorable number. Our conversation led me to Google for a bit of research on this concept. First reduce your property number to a single digit. This allows you to properly diagnose your Address Numerology. For example.. 2+3+8 = 13. Then 1+3 = 4. Four is Heart Chakra and represents Love. We all need Love so this is splendid. The lucky colors are pink and green, which is so awesome because as a combo pink and green are my favorites together! A Four is the most grounded of the numbers and those that spend time in Fours need safety and security. A Four is also great for growing a business. If you are a Four then you live in a world where promises must be kept, integrity is a big thing. One pitfall of a Four is that you can be very inflexible in your thinking and tend to be quite conservative. All of this totally describes me both the good Energy and the not so good Energy. Funny thing is that as I was thinking this over I realized that I currently have all of these things and I am not even on the Mountain yet. Come to find out I already spend most of my waking hours in a Four. My home in NY is 364 which reduces to a 4 and my business is 139 which also reduces to a 4. There are no coincidences. Your home is your foundation for life and it's Energy should be one that is compatible with your soul and dreams. The wonderful thing is no matter your numerological foundation, once you leave your bubble you can have a great adventure, even for a non-risk taker like me. We protect the safety and security of our home, but also crave a bit of adventure when we get out into the world. I am glad I have lived under the watchful eye of the Four because it's Energy has blessed me with a 30 year marriage full of love, laughter and happiness, plus a business that has blossomed for the last 20 years. Goodness, I can not wait to see what happens at 283 because 364 and 139 have already given me so much. Just for fun, reduce your number and see what kind of Energy your home has. See if it is one that can make you happy! This is not scientific at all, but it never hurts to check off all the boxes when building a serendipitous life. I talk alot about Self and being responsible for our Self and happiness, but truth be told I have a little superstition in me too! Google Address Numerology for more information, if anything it is fun to imagine It's power in the universe. Oh and if you are a 5, I will be over sometime to let loose :). What does your number mean? Head back to the Home page to Join My Blog and receive new post updates and visit the main menu to read past post of Positivity!


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