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The Magic of Music

American Hippie Girl & Her Guitar
American Hippie Girl & Her Guitar

I really like to listen to music and attend concerts. It calms me or fuels me. Especially when it is Country and George or Vince are involved. For those of you who don't know me well enough yet or Country Music, I am a product of the 70/80's and am referring to George Straight and Vince Gill. I have and will at times dissect a song as a single Post because I do believe that music can take your mind to the most heartfelt places. When I hear a song the first thing that usually strikes me is the melody..then come the words. A great song tells a story, evokes an emotion. George sings about the Troubadour. If you have ever had the privilege to see George in concert you realize he does not need any flash because he IS a Troubadour himself, "He was a young Troubadour who rode in on a song and will be an old Troubadour when he is gone". He just sings, tells his stories melodically and the crowd loves it. We each have those artists in our lives who tell stories with their songs that speak to us. A Troubadour is a Poet who when they sing, touch us. That brings me back to the image above. I found this a while back on Pinterest. The message is spot on.. Whether you play a song intentionally or you stumble upon it on the radio, music takes you on a trip across your past, into your present and onto your dreams for the future. The right song can take your mind off whatever is weighing you down like "It's a Great Day to be Alive" by Travis Tritt , bring your spirits ups like "Eastbound Down" by Midland, or make you feel introspective like "God and Country Music" by George Straight. Mostly I like those songs that bring you back to a time in life when everything was simple and the world seemed full of possibilities, like "Swayin' To The Music" by Johnny Rivers. The Little Hippie in the above photo embodies all this, the joy that Music brings to our souls. She is cute as a button, with the funnest jeans ever! The way she holds her guitar, stands in her flip flops and rocks that bandanna, you can feel by the smile in her eyes that music is taking her to a happy place. I wonder what song her sweet little voice is going to sing. I think it is "Rainbow Connection" by Kermit the Frog. Yep, I am sure of it! No Doubt I aspire to be a music groupie, good thing I am only 51.5 so I have plenty of time :) At a Keith Urban concert he stated that most songs we don't know all the words to, and neither does he. That is OK because the fact that a song inspires us to want to engage, sing and feel...that is the true magic of music. What songs are your go-tos or have kicked you into the time machine and brought you back to an earlier time in your life? I would love to hear so please share in the comment field below.

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