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The Power of Embracing Change

Embracing The Monarch
Embracing The Monarch

I caught this little beauty at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens. It is a Monarch Butterfly. I am not a Scientist but here is my dumbed down version of a Butterfly's transformation. The female lays eggs on the underside of milkweed which takes 3-8 days to become Caterpillars, which then mature in 15-25 days. The Caterpillar spins a silk pad to transform in for 8-15 days, then a majestic Butterfly emerges. It's bright colors warn predators they taste bad and may be poisonous. So what they lack in palatability they more than make up for with visual impact. These creatures have the most spectacular orange wings with black veins and white speckled edges. Spiritually the color orange is a symbol of strength and endurance. A Monarch needs strength because each year It embarks on a difficult journey migrating from North to South in the fall. Some say that "Life" is being represented in the Caterpillar Stage while the animal creeps along to survive. As the animal matures in the silk pad it is said to represent "Death", followed by "Rebirth" when the Monarch Butterfly emerges! Maybe this is why Christians view the Monarch as a symbol of resurrection. Many feel Monarchs are signs from Angels. Perhaps a sign from someone you love who has passed, letting you know it is OK to embrace the changes that will come with their passing. Or maybe a sign from a Past Angel sending a message that happiness and good luck are on your horizon. Monarch's are a symbol for change and luck. It is said if you see a Monarch flying around you, it is important to take a look inside yourself to see what trait could be enhanced by embracing change. For example, perhaps you are a person who hears words, but does not really listen. If that is your weakness, then this could be a sign to really listen to what others are trying to convey. It could truly change the world. Try not to fall into the trap of being closed minded, but be like a Monarch and be willing to transform. Use your survival skills and desire for evolution to enrich qualities that promote happiness and get rid of those that promote angst. This particular Monarch flew around me for a while and then landed on the finger of an employee.. which I appreciated because it was a perfect photo opportunity with my old smartphone. Thinking back on this time I was on the cusp of some changes in my life. I just turned 50 and an injury left me realizing I needed to get healthy. It was important to keep My "Wings" agile and build upon Positive Energy. If you are a bundle of energy and crave the freedom to evolve and change, The Monarch could be your Spirit Animal! If that is the case you are quite lucky because the human race is always evolving and changing. Use that energy to allow the gentle breezes of summertime to take you on a journey of a fresh start and perspective.

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