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The Swan and Mom...Fierce Protectors

Swan Mom Nesting
Swan Mom Nesting

I took this photo of a Swan in springtime at Lake Alice at the end of April. Research has taught me that Swans lay eggs for 2-3 weeks followed by an incubation period of approximately 6-7 weeks while the Mom sits on her eggs and waits for the eggs to hatch. When the little Chicks hatch, Mom is known to pack them up on her back within her wings and parade them around the waterway to show off her Little Darlings. Very similar to how human Moms will parade their Little Darlings around in strollers proudly introducing their "little Chicks" to the world. Now I am not a Mom, but I have one! So my perspective is from that of a "Chick". This Swan symbolizes all Moms..even the human variety. From the very beginning of life Mom creates a warm safe space for her Chicks to grow until they are ready to enter the world. At which time Mom begins her journey of showing her Chicks how to survive this world, allowing them to sink sometimes..but never drown. When she needs to she will pick them out of the water, help them dry off and show them a better way. Sometimes us Chicks are not so appreciative of Mom's guidance, but as we age we learn that wisdom is a powerful thing and when it is offered, it is best to take it in and see what we can learn from it...Especially when it is given within the framework of Mom's love. This Swan will teach her Chicks how to provide for themselves, keep an eye out for predators and most importantly be self sufficient. Mom knows she will not always be there to watch over her Chicks so she keeps putting tools in her Chicks' toolbox so they have what they need to build a good life. At some point the Chicks will leave the nest and join a larger flock to find a mate. I read in most cases Chicks will remain with their parents until the following spring. If they do not leave on their own, their parents can get quite aggressive about letting them know it is time. Some Chicks need that firm push! We all have our own Mom experiences and I have been very lucky. My Mom taught me to listen, show compassion, be a support for others. She also showed me how to be strong and not let others take advantage of that compassion. It can be a fine line, but from her I learned it can be done. These lessons passed down, I know she learned from her Mom. No matter what Your Mom taught you, please remember Your Mom today on this Mother's Day. If you are lucky enough to still have her - call her, visit her and show her the wonderful legacy she nurtured. At some point the Mom and Chick will separate, whether by life or God. But no matter the circumstances the bond is always there. The Mom will always be the first defender of the Chick, giving them Life and Love. Happy Mother's Day to My Beautiful Mom Marilyn Burgoon and My Awesome Mother-In-Law Monica London and All Moms 💕

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The Gracefulness of the Swans Bent Neck
The Gracefulness of the Swan's Bent Neck


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