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Thriving In Buffalo, NY January 2020!

The signage outside of Canalside Buffalo.
The Inspiration. Embrace what you are given..even Winter!
Skating prep and practice
Skating prep and practice
Success at skating
Success! Even did a turn or two :) #Fearless
Curling at Canalside Buffalo
Another adventure! Curling anyone?
Igloos Canalside Buffalo, NY
Igloos for Rent!
Tim Horton Buffalo, NY
Tim Horton
Buffalove Sign
Buffalove & I did :)

Your Mid-Week Photo Perk! Get outside and play Perky People! It was on the 2020 Vision Board and I did it. It's been a long time since I skated but now I remember why I used to love it so much. Also we found a new adventure in curling if we ever want to try something new - and of course we do. Learned something new too, that Tim Horton was a skater in Buffalo prior to a restaurateur, who knew....not me. The sign Buffalove was meant to be....


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